Being a mostly-organized set of links to usable information.  Seldom more than a dozen under any heading and not always the same.
Keep your tools sharp and oiled.


Children at Play Initiative (Bernheim)     HERE
2013 Children at Play Conference (Bernheim)     HERE
Children and Nature Network – especially good research related to play     HERE

Urban Homesteading – Gardening

Curent Moon Phase (Louisville KY) – Old Farmers Almanac     HERE
Hugelkulture – Permaculture Articles by Paul Wheaton     HERE
Companion Planting – Golden Harvest Organics LLC     HERE
Organic Kentucky Resource Page – Organic Association of Kentucky (OAK)     HERE
Mother Earth News – All around good articles     HERE

Regenerative Design – Sustainability

Living Building Challenge – Living Futures Inst.     HERE
Center for Ecoliteracy – Publications page     HERE
The Land Institute – General Publications     HERE

Local Pulse

Tactical Urbanism Handbook     HERE
Pecha Kucha Louisville     HERE
Broken Sidewalk – blog     HERE
Artist at Exit 0 – blog     HERE
Art+FM – local radio     HERE
Squallis Puppeteers – organization – HERE


Exotic Invasive Plants of Kentucky  – KY-EPPS 2013     HERE


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