Play Stuff

Dedicated to Play.  This page contains links to information I have found useful in contemplating strategies for creating more valuable play environments for children.  I will try to keep the information here focused on the most helpful information.

Considering, Managing and Promoting Appropriate Risk in Play

This is an interesting area of consideration. Encountering, identifying, navigating and learning from risk is an important skill set for children.  A skill that is supported through play environments that look at both the benefit and the risk of play environments.  All too often we see only the cost of risk.  Seeing risk as valuable for childhood development requires a new set of eyes that sees risk as important.  Here’s a few tools to help inform that process:

Play England has some great resource materials on this subject.  Managing Risk in Play Provision: Implementation Guide is a great starting point for figuring out a language around the discussion of play risk/benefit.  This paper will help you understand how to conduct a risk benefit assessment of play environments.  Unfortunately, much more work needs to be done in this area in the United States.


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