Solitary Walnut – over time

This is my new favorite phenology spot.  I’m now capturing this solitary walnut tree, which is located on the drive into Bernheim, on a regular basis.  These two shots were, respectively, September 12 and October 3rd, 2014.  I still have much love for my older photographic subjects but I really like the way these shots capture the tree, the grassland, and the tree line in the distance.  I’m hoping there is a good bit of information that will be captured here that might be used in some way in the future.  And I can’t wait to see this tree through the winter months.  This has been one of the highest mast production years in memory.  The walnuts, persimmons, pecans, hickories, dogwoods, oaks and others have been pumping out the fruit/seeds this year.  Fecund.

IMG_4570IMG_4940 - Version 2