Puppet Prom 2014

I just love Squallis Puppeteers as an organization.  Love what they do.  Love how they do it. Love the community of folk that make it happen.  I had the great pleasure of serving on their board some years ago when the annual fund raising event was the Fools Day Bash on or around April 1.  Now it’s Puppet Prom.  I like the prom theme just as much.  We’ve been going to this for years now.  Ruby had a ball.  Erin said she was like a Will-O-The-Wisp. I thought it such a good term.  Here’s a few pictures taken in the photo booth at this years puppet prom.  I especially like the series of shots that Bailey and Ruby took together.  It would have been a hoot to have been in the booth with them. But then this wouldn’t have happened.  You can find out more about Squallis Puppeteers by clicking HERE.

Puppet Prom 2014 Ruby-Bailey 1 Puppet Prom 2014 Cl-Er-Ru


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