Loose Parts Play – Baskets of Fun

When children play with toys that self-define what they are… cars, castles, dolls, barns, … play is often limited to the boundaries of those objects.  Cars do what cars do.  Dolls do what dolls do.  But when children are exposed to lots of loose parts that can only really be defined by imagination, the boundaries of their play expands.  I only wish you could have heard the dialogue that went with this particular play moment.  The ingredients of the moment are all pictured.  The invitation to play is at the top.  It is followed by the ingredients of play.  It ends with one picture of play in progress.  Here’s a fairly succinct link to information about loose part play theory from Surrey County in England. HERE

IMG_1467IMG_1528 IMG_1530 IMG_1531 IMG_1529 IMG_1532 IMG_1527


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