Whirlwood Moves to Edible Garden

At Bernheim’s CONNECT event this year we debuted a new aspect of the festival we called CONNECTglow.  CONNECTglow is essentially a light sculpture competition that requires the artists to create spectacle at night without the assistance of AC current.  Artists could use fire, batteries, solar power w storage…anything that would allow them to create light without plugging in.  Carrie Blaydes and Mike Newsome (with factory handbook) created this whirlwind collection of drift wood they collected from the Falls of the Ohio State Park just across the 2nd Street Bridge from Louisville.  The sculpture was erected on the shores of Lake Nevin at Bernheim but now this piece is being moved to the Edible Garden at Bernheim.  It should fit in nicely in it’s new home.  I’ll post additional pictures once it’s in place and then more pictures next spring once the gardens get installed around it.

Whirlwood lscp CONNECTglow 2013Whirlwood CONNECTglow 2013 Whirlwood detail Whirlwood detail 2


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