Pump In Place

A Monitor hand pump was just put in at the petal garden beds in the Bernheim Edible Garden.  One of my strongest childhood memories was a working hand pump at my grandparents home that we used to fill a limestone watering trough.  My brother and I would wad up grass to plug the drain hole and then use the pump to fill it and play in it.  So I guess you could say my first pool was hand carved from solid limestone.

In the Bernheim garden all the water will be collected and stored on site in a connected system of rain barrels, cisterns, pools, ponds and wetlands.  That water will be moved around using only gravity, human power and solar pumps.  Here’s Masha, our summer intern with the FoodWorks program, testing out the newly installed hand pump.  The pump is positioned directly over a cistern that is filled from roof runoff.  Children can have fun playing with the pump without much water loss.  When they are just playing around with the pump the water flows right back into the cistern.  In the background you can see the temporary cistern collecting water from the roof so that we can use only water collected from the site during the construction phase as well.

Masha Lafen testing our new pump.

Masha Lafen testing our new pump.


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